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Eskildsen & Eskildsen, as a Law Office was projected since its foundation, in quality legal services, with high ethical and moral standards. The services granted in large part are directed to counseling international traders and commercial activities or domestic transactions within the frame work of law. Among its clients are Banks and Trust entities, International Conglomerates, Shipping Managers, all of which have remain loyal throughout the years of growth. On the domestic market, the clientele include Commercial Developers, Hotel Developers, Hospital Developers and Residential Developers, which include buyers and purchasers of individual Units.


The moment facing Panama and its Democratic Institutions, after the approval of the referendum to modernize the Canal in 2006 (with a 10 year and 5.2 billion dollar investment), added with this Free trade agreement with the United States of America in 2012 and with the Free trade agreement with Peoples Republic of China in 2017, project a strong stable economy for the present and future.


Now with more than 12 Tax Bilateral Treaties with major countries, most of it members of the OCDE the requirements for the Public and Private Sector to comply with all International Regulation have demanded more regulations, but all have been accomplished. Thus Panama has been able to keep itself as a Secury International Financial platform for the Region. The constant evolution of the above promotes a growth of Property market, including logistic in its maritime, areal and territorial location.

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