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Eskildsen & Eskildsen attorneys at law in Panamá

Since its foundation is set up to offer international services to clients in Europe, North America, Asia and United Arabs Emirates. Today clients from all parts of the world have contacted our firm for counsel on international matters on which a Panama legal structure assist on the investment. Our services includes other attractive jurisdictions, since the foundation in 1979. Eskildsen & Eskildsen is in capacity to set up Corporation or Private Foundations, on time and effectiveness, now with more than forty (40) years of practice.

Corporation and International Service


Demonstrate a wide range of services ranging from legal advice in proceedings, corporate structures, mergers and acquisitions, transfer of shares to the liquidation of a company. In the firm there are several lawyers notaries so it is an added value that is channeled procedures and advice in the same firm.


Some of the subjects that we cover are:


  • Fusions and acquisitions
  • International financing activities, intraregional guarantees.
  • Formation of legal vehicles suitable for investment (corporations, offshore companies, private interest foundations, etc.)
  • Planning and structuring of commercial strategies and associated tax benefits.
  • Sales and distribution contracts
  • Resolution of disputes between shareholders
  • Issues of competences and monopolies
  • Strategic alliances
  • Foreign investment and advice in the establishment of free trade zones
  • Technology transfer and foreign investment

Maritime Law


The Panama Maritime Authority is the responsible institution to implement the Nation Maritime Strategy. On the other hand, the Panama Canal Authority, an autonomous public entity created by and amendment to the constitution on December 1993 is exclusively responsible for transits of vessels and the management and maintenance of the waterway, known as the Panama Canal. The Canal waterway must remain open and neutral, according to a singed and ratify Treaty with the United States in 1977.


There is an expertise which applies for registration of all type of Vessel. There is an understanding of the financial aspect, when funds to purchase and register a vessel come from various institutions and from different jurisdiction. Vessels manager, are known to demands a understanding of the international market and appreciated when Panama has ratified key international conventions at the IMO and the ILO. Is understood by many that the Maritime Labor Convention of 2006 and the International Ballast Convention of 2006 are both, part of the equality needed by seafarers and for the sound environment on the Sea and is clear that today, the “level playing field” applies to all Open registries, Panama been the leader. Managers know that the proper support from Panama Maritime Authorities, is granted through our office assistance. Other security matters for Vessels when transiting “piracy corridors’” as well as support on Seafarers documentation when claim by Port State Controls are immediately responded . Accidents are also due to harsh weather condition, or Seafarers correct training and licensing, are also provided with a 24/7 services, and this service is only handled by experts, and the firm remains in the for front, of this practice.

Real Property Law


Panama is known to be a country which welcomes foreign as well as domestic real estate investment. A great precedent of foreign investment is the one hundred years relation with the U. S. on the operation of the Canal and the management of the entrance Ports to the Canal in both Oceans, which motivate private investment in real estate, among others. The Constitution and the law as well as public institutions, protect and guarantee investors on their endeavors. The U.S. currency which is the legal tender, allows a clear understanding of investments on properties.


As for Real Property Law, the firm has acted as counselors to high end Developers in the last three decades. The services include complicated financing endeavors for Developers as well as purchaser, which related to the legal structure of Hotels, Marinas, Hospitals, Commercial Malls and Residential communities of Condominiums and houses. We have specialized attorneys and support staff to provide effective services to handle complex property purchase and sell matters. The advise on transfer tax, Tourism incentives and the recent enacted tax law on reduction on Property Tax, are a daily part of the Firm practice.

For years we capitalize on the experience of our professionals specialized in International Trade, to improve and initiate new business practices under the various treaties that benefit the region.


Eskildsen & Eskildsen  have created tools that allow investors to identify their advantages and position with respect to exporters who access the world’s major markets.


The offer:

  • Legal advice
  • Consulting during the project development process.
  • Colaboration on the Master Planning and zoning
  • Colaboration with Environmental Consulting.

General Legal Service


International legal services, Commercial and Legal Advice. The Firm includes attorneys and personnel with advice on tax matters that includes Free Zone, Tourism and Immigration operations.


We offered comercial, maritime, and legal advice our clients legal services related to a wide range of business needs. Come to us to obtain experience, knowledge, innovation and results with the production of costs.


International legal and domestic service, includes attorneys and personnel with experience on matter which extend  to Free Zone and  Tourism Investment.


Our firm provide understanding of the law  with ethical value and efficiency.

It is a fact that Panama has become the new retirement destination for immigrants, due to the opportunities and conditions that are offered, such as: A dollar economy, Low Cost Living, Democracy and Political stability, Property Tax Exemptions, no Hurricane nor Earthquake, among others. Some of the mentioned elements are the reason why most Buildings and Residential are been promoted to the international market. The increasement of international purchasers has also attracted foreign Real Estate Developers and Investors from abroad, who are demanding Immigration Status in Panama.


Keeping those expectations the Government has taken administrative measures providing foreign investors, developers and purchasers several types of Visas, to which they could apply.

Our consultancy has provided highly specialized legal and tax advice to individuals with high assets, including the planning of their financial and real estate investments for tax optimization, the structuring of investments through holding companies or equity companies, as well as national tax assistance and international to correctly plan income taxes, estate taxes and inheritance and gift taxes.


We help carry out the preparation and presentation of VAT settlements in those EU countries where the threshold of distance sales through electronic commerce has been exceeded.


We provide:

  • Registration in EU tax administrations to obtain the fiscal number
  • Preparation and presentation of VAT settlements in EU Tax Administrations
  • Perfect fiscal structuring of companies and international participations
  • Structuring of holdings
  • Provisions, successions, foundations (trusts)
  • Choice of legal form when creating companies abroad
  • Optimal fiscal configuration of benefit distributions
  • Tax planning in the framework of international business financing, mergers and acquisitions, exit strategies
  • Taxation of permanent establishments
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